Rumor Alert: Elsa Peretti May Split With Tiffany

What gal doesn’t want to get a little something-something wrapped up in a certain little blue box? Elsa Peretti, it seems.

There may be trouble in paradise for Tiffany & Co. and longtime collaborateur, designer Elsa Peretti who filed paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday, insinuating the the Italian artist is considering “retiring” from her relationship with the company. Peretti began her relationship with the bauble retailer way back in 1974 and is responsible for all those bean and heart shaped necklaces, earrings and bracelets (amongst her other designs), which account for a staggering 10% of Tiffany‘s entire net sales.

In that case, that the blue boxed brand might want to keep Ms. Peretti happy, but the retailer told WWD that they’ve made “a firm offer in an amount that is based upon the value of the Peretti intellectual property to Tiffany.” Let’s hope this doesn’t signal the end…


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