Rumor Mill: Deacon Giles To Dress The Spice Girls for Olympics Closing Ceremony

It’s time for another visit to Speculation-Station!  This time for an Olympics-themed “will they? — won’t they?” involving the ever fashionable 90′s pop super-group, the Spice Girls.

While no one is confirming the reunion performance, rumors that the Spice Girls will be taking the stage at the Olympics Closing Ceremony has been bantering around the web since the gals recent appearance at a London press conference launching the new musical “I’ll Tell You What I Want What I Really Really Want…”  And speculation hasn’t stopped since, with Posh Spice herself fueling the fire.

Victoria Beckham has been tweeting little hints for weeks now, the most recent being a photo of an ultra-sparkly microphone accompanied by “Look what I found!! X vb.”  But what really got our attention was a previous tweet insinuating that fashion heavy, London designer Giles Deacon, would be dressing the girls for the occasion.

Here’s the 2+2:  Brit stylist and fashion journalist Katie Grand has a ridiculously cute bunny.  Said bunny is being bunny-sat by Deacon.  Beckham tweets a pix of Grand’s bunny saying “Morning fitting with @gilesgilesgiles, cuddle with @kegrand bunny!! X vb.”  Rumor mill explodes in a collective *Squee!

Katie Grand's Bunny

Add all that to the fact that the Mirror’s Dean Piper also tweeted, “So the Spice Girls are all together rehearsing for the Olympics RIGHT NOW in London. #itsonbitches” — and we nearly have confirmation, right?

Those Spice Girls sure know how to create a buzz, right?  Stay tuned.


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