Rumor Mill: Is A Posh Spice/ Carrie Bradshaw Collaboration In the Works?

Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham

The world is awash with celebs trying to get into the fashion game, but few make more sense than Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham. From her Posh Spice days to actually creating a stellar fashion line herself, Victoria Beckham literally found fame for her personal style, while Sarah Jessica Parker landed herself a place as fashion icon playing the clothes/shoe hungry Carrie Bradshaw on the beloved Sex and the City which temporarily landed her a place at Halston  — so when the rumor mill started buzzing about the possibility of a VB and SJP collaborative clothing line, it seemed a natural stretch.  And caused a virtual riot amongst fashion followers.

The mill started churning way back in March, but today things heating up with word that the dynamically fashionable duo are already in “secret talks” to create a special line for women of all ages. Sure, it’s unconfirmed… but still.

Naysayers question why Beckham would want to team up with anyone since she’s already managed to establish her own successful line solo, and with SJP’s abrupt departure from Halston, the assumption is that she might be gun shy about re-teaming with an already established designer. But… and call me a dreamer… I’m going with the camp that’s giddy over the idea of this pairing, mostly due to SJP and VB’s mutual admiration for one another.

It seems that way back in 2010, Beckham is quoted as gushing over the Sex and the City star, saying ‘I’m so Sarah Jessica Parker. I just am. I have dressed her a couple of times and I have met her.’ While, Parker at an exclusive White House dinner seemed equally smitten with Posh Spice, describing her as ‘the definition of an ideal that none of us will ever achieve. For the rest of us the only way of being a mother is to be in a massive mess.’ This abundance of requited love can only mean one thing: a collaborative clothing line! Yes… it’s stretching, but let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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