Rumour Mill: Marc Jacobs to Design for Dior Too!

Out of all of the gossip surrounding fashion week right now, one of the biggest rumours is the opportunity for Mar Jacobs to be the head designer at Dior. Both LVMH and Jacobs have decided to remain tight lipped about the situation, but insiders are claiming that there is plenty going on. If Jacobs decides to take on Dior he will then be designing for not only his own lines two lines- Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs, but also with his recent new gig for Louis Vuitton, and then the substantial amount of work that Dior will also have for him. WWD is reporting that the negotiations are “getting tough” as the designer and his partner, Robert Duffy, are asking for $10 million, an sticking to it! It seems a little ambitious and slightly like a conflict of interest to me to have one head designer, designing for 3 completely different brands, that all are so distinctly different in design, but if they believe it can work, I am very interested in the outcome.

As much as the fashion world loves to gossip about this topic, investors come from a different approach that’s less worried because in a time like this, with brands as big as Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior, the brand and clientele is already very established, so the artistic direction makes up for a lesser impact on the brands value itself. So either way all will end happy, Marc Jacobs just might wind up with a lot of work on his plate.

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