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  • posted at 7:10 am
  • April 7, 2011

Russian Fashion Week: Designed by Yana and Anastasia Shevchenko, of YanaStasia

Yes, yes… we’re all aware that the big three fashion weeks (namely New York, Paris and Milan) aren’t the only fashion exhibitions in the world. Why, my very own Los Angeles has one, last week we reported on Nashville’s entry into this illustrious list, and London has been the punk-rocker step-child to the big three for as long as I can remember. And Russia… (*screech)… Russia?

Russian Fashion Week: Designed by Alla Belchenkova

Sponsored by Mercedes Benz, Russian Fashion Week has just drawn to a close and, we have to admit, some of the designs (and presentations) were… well… a little questionable. There were several Gaga-esque designs, think no pants and disproportionately overblown embellishments, such as the intergalactic shoulders and weapon-esque cuff bracelet at designer Alla Belchenkova’s runway.

And speaking of weapons.

Russian Fashion Week: Designed by Shiyan & Rudkovskaya

Designers Shiyan & Rudkovskaya chose to take the “sexy spy” genre to a whole new level by embellishing their entirely mainstream fashion (on actual failed-spy Anna Chapman and Russian pop-star Dima Bilan) to include an actual gun to Bilan’s throat in a hostage-like situation? Sexy? Um. No.

Russian Fashion Week: A design in the Young Designers Collective Show

The theatricality didn’t stop there – as costumes seem to overshadow the actual designs at numerous shows. A design in the Young Designers Collective Show seemed to say “Way less pants, way more shoe, way more body-padding (???), way way way more shoulders… and… what the heck… let’s add a cat mask.” And I’m really not sure how another model in the same show ever made it down the catwalk alive without eye holes (or how he fit in the door for that matter):

Russian Fashion Week: A design in the Young Designers Collective Show

While I admire designers who take a risk and stretch the boundaries of fashion and form – should they still have some thought of function? We here at Posh Beauty.com would love to hear what you think!

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