Say Hello To VAULT Where Brands Ship Directly to You

Say goodbye to endless browsing online for something new, flirty and fun for the changing February weather. Who needs to browse the same neighborhood boutiques or stroll along the same strip mall in search of an exciting new wardrobe when you’ve got VAULT?

The new online market place is putting the middleman in the closet and allowing you to spruce up yours by selling directly to you. The site features up-and-coming brands and designers as well as more than 150 boutique stores that list their own products in a manner that out beats your traditional Amazon webstore.

Not familiar with a brand? No worries. You can check out a video on the inspiration behind the product you’re inclined to purchase and meet the designer face to face. Talk about curated style and content, the site steps away from the flash sale platform we’ve gotten way too accustomed to and features long-standing boutiques that invite you to learn the brand beyond a quick glimpse.

You’ll have to check it out for yourself to witness the magic. And if our excitement for the new site isn’t enough to wet your whistle, looks as though the site is offering $25 in shopping credit just for signing up. We’re hooked! www.Vault.it.


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