Scarves 101

Being as though it is freezing this morning where I am, I felt it would only be appropriate to do a post on how to stay warm and fashionable. One of my favorite ways to do this is to wear a scarf. I think its appropriate to own a few scarves in different colors and materials. I have some with patterns and prints, and some that are completely solid colored. Mix and match with your outfits. Wear solids when you are outfit is busy and vice versa, when it is not.

Traditional scarves are long and thin. My favorite way to tie these is the Parisian knot where you fold the scarf in half around your neck and then pull the loose ends through the whole created by the fold, like the picture below. This look can go with anything from a peacoat, to a biker jacket, to a blazer.

You can also do the Once-Around where you just wrap the scarf around your neck once like below. My experience with this look is that it is mostly for fashion and doesn’t keep you as warm (so maybe you should try  a Twice-Around).

There is also the option of a giant square shaped scarf (which I also wear often). You simply fold the scarf in half and place the largest part of the triangle in the front, somewhat like a bib, and then wrap the ends around your neck, securing the loose ends beneath the bib part to finish off the look. This looks great messy. Take a look below to see an example.

Although I  know that this is pretty basic information when it comes to fashion, I do remember a time when I didn’t know how to wear my scarf, and I wouldn’t because I didn’t want to look silly. Well, for all of you that feel that way, I surely hope this helps a little.

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