Science: How Much Do You Spend On Your Nails?

Well you can thank your smartphone for this one. A recent study out of the UK is stating that the average lady spends about $685 (£450) on her nails every year. *gasp!

It’s not like we ever thought those pro mani-pedis, gel polishes and nail wraps were inexpensive — but wow! The whys on the matter include the fact that us gals like to emulate celeb-nail art aficionados like Rihanna and Zooey Deschanel, a task which gets increasingly difficult since the time we spend on our iPhones and Samsung Galaxy’s are increasingly hard on our poor nails. And let’s not negate the fact that we spend a lot of time watching those shiny perfectly polished nail tips a-tap-tap-taping away at our text pad. Just something to ponder.

So that’s that. We gave science it’s 15 seconds for the day. Now I’m off to the salon!

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