Seeing spots: treating sunspots

There’s a fine line between a charming smattering of sunkissed freckles and the jarring reality of sunspots (a.k.a. age spots, dark spots). In fact, while we’ve all been busy fending off fine lines and wrinkles, skin specialists have been pointing out that an uneven skin tone is the number one indicator of age.

These little patches of hyperpigmentation are caused by overexposure to UV rays which cause excess melanin to mar your flawless complexion and darken and multiply over time—who wants that? Keep spending your summers sunbathing without taking the proper precautions and that’s exactly what you’re likely to get.

All is not lost though, there are a few ways to fight back that aren’t quite as good prevention, but they’ll help undo the damage that’s done. Yes, we’re talking brightening serums and retinoids. The most effective ingredients to look for in your skin-lightening products are soy, vitamin C, niacinamide and melanin-inhibiting ingredients like hydroquinone or licorice extract. Add an exfoliating vitamin A retinoid like tretinoin or retinol and antioxidants and you’ll see those seriously unsexy spots disappear in no time.


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