Shopping Goes High Tech With Target’s Shoppable Video

Sure, we live in a modern age… but that’s obviously not enough for Target.  The mega-store has upped the ante with the latest and greatest in high-tech shopping: Shoppable videos.  And since they are the masters of collaborating with celebrity designers, why should we be surprised that their very first shoppable video somehow managed to snag actresses Kristen Bell and Nia Long as its stars?

The short film is a rom-com (no doubt) and is titled “Falling For You,” and nearly every single thing that you see in the film, styled by Angelina Jolie’s go-to-stylist Jen Rade, is available for purchase online or at your nearest Target store.  And by that, we mean the 140+ clothing, home, and beauty items from the super-stores Fall collection that co-star in the film.  I personally haven’t tried the shop-while-you-watch that is so popular in other parts of the world (and is likely soon to be taking over here in the U.S) — but hey, I’m game.  And if you are too, then you can log onto Target.com/FallingForYou for the debut of three five-minute episodes that will be released on Oct. 2, Oct. 4, and Oct. 9.  As with all “movies” — this one has a trailer that you check out with the “click” of a finger.

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