Short Shorts

I’m sure we all remember the days in the 90′s when so many of today’s hottest men’s trends were considered to be taboo. I have watched in glee as men’s fashion has evolved and become much less restricting. There was a point in my high school career when even the idea of me wearing jeans that were even slightly fitted was unacceptable. Thankfully all of this has changed, and I can’t go anywhere from NYC to the South or even the Midwest and not see trendy kids walking around not only in tighter fitting jeans, but often times skinny jeans! In the same vein as this, we are beginning to see men’s shorts get shorter and shorter. I personally like the look of shorts that show off a little leg if the outfit is styled well. There is a fine balance when piecing together outfits that incorporate short shorts. My quick advice is to to try and dress it up with loafers or casual shoes, and keep the look slightly masculine by pairing it with a loose fitting shirt or tank. The juxtaposition of short and tight with long and loose, and being aware of proportions in size in your outfit are important to pay attention to. Here are a few examples of some great styling ideas from a story run by NY Magazine and one of my favorite D-Squared runways shows directly below. Enjoy!

D-Squared- Photo:Getty Images

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