Shrinking Those Pores

pores and lemonSource

With the excitement of Fashion Week finally over, it’s time to get back to pampering your skin and managing clogged and unsightly pores. You won’t have to take a trip to your derm or esthetician for this one.

Here’s a few of our tricks for shrinking and reducing large pores at home.

Steaming and Cleaning

Sometimes all you need is a little steam treatment. Thoroughly clean skin with your every day cleanser, pat your skin dry and boil a pot of water adding your mint and chamomile herbs.  Carefully cover your head with a towel and place your face at least 12 inches above the steam to allow your skin to perspire and the oil to drip away. Follow up with a light moisturizer and repeat this treatment weekly for sexy and clear skin.

Whites and Brights

Park your routine in the kitchen and mix up a healthy dose of egg whites and lemon juice for skin tightening mask that will kiss your pores into submission. Apply this mixture twice a week for 10 minutes each treatment, rinse with luke warm water and follow with coconut oil for glowing and healthy skin.

Citrus Succulence

Did you know that citrus-based foods and juices are key to rebuilding collagen, reducing pore size and increasing the skin’s elasticity? Tote along a succulent orange or grapefruit for breakfast, snack or even desert for an internal and external pore-reducing solution.

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