Signature Look or Fashion Rut?

  • by Maria Denardo
  • posted at 12:00 pm
  • October 6, 2010

Cathy Horyn

In an industry that thrives on constant change and impeccable taste, it’s ironic to note the stagnant style of fashion’s most powerful players can be a bore. Take Cathy Horyn for example. The ever popular and controversial fashion critic is seen front row at Fashion Week every season in the same getup: little to no makeup, frumpy silhouettes, and a heavy dose of black on black. How about America’s sweetheart Grace Coddington? Known for her picturesque visions in Vogue, the adored redhead leaves her hair untouched, her black ensembles simple, and her jewelry classic with an understated necklace. Moving on we come to Anna Wintour, who dons her infamous bob and oversized sunnies no matter the time or day. What does it mean when the most incredibly talented women in fashion, whose job it is to inform you and me on style, are in a monumental fashion rut?

Grace Coddington and Anna Wintour

Now we can poke fun and point fingers all day, but let’s turn the tables on our own closets. New York women are some of the biggest culprits when it comes to a daily uniform (myself included). A color palette consisting of gray, black, and navy dominates, leggings and jeggings are chosen over jeans and trousers, and we can’t forget the indispensable flats for travel. Did The Devil Wears Prada not teach us anything about the state of our wardrobe in the workplace? For shame. Time for a fall cleanup! Toss, mend, make lists, make vision boards, make rules, break rules, get destructive, get creative. After all, a true signature look for any fashionista isn’t about hiding behind habitual uniforms–it’s about an ever-evolving individual style.

Maria Denardo

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