Skechers Lack of Originality

For every shoe that we buy they donate a pair of shoes to a child in need. Sound familiar? That’s because it is! Toms shoes has held this philosphy and act of charity since it’s inception and guess who has recently tagged along for the ride? Skechers! While I’m grateful that the Skechers brand is doing something to help folks in need, where the heck is their originality?

I was watching their commercial on television when “Bob’s” shoes made their way on my screen with the same ad campaign, design and philosophy were clearly knocked-off from their true original innovator Tom’s Shoes. What a low Skechers for your lack of orginality and vision. How weird to blatantly steal someone else’s heart-derived concept in favor of higher sales. Who the heck is”Bob” anywa y and what’s his story?

The company sure could have copied the concept and not the compelete idea by simply giving away a pair of their shoes to a child in need. After-all no too many fashion-forward American’s rate Skechers on their shopping list of must have’s.

My verdict: Epic Fail!

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