Smelly Sensations

Choosing a scent that embodies your personality and zest for life can be difficult. With so many perfumes, fragrances and body sprays on the market, finding your signature scent that doesn’t get lost in the muddle of similar smells can be a daunting task. On top of that, did you know that most perfumes are laden with synthetic ingredients?

The word “fragrance” can be associated with as many as 300 toxic ingredients not required to be listed on the ingredients label! Yikes! It’s always a best option to chose natural perfumes made with essential oils that will be safe and unique! Check out some of our favorite organic perfumes to find your smell good beauty go-to…

Aubrey Organics

With 6 scent offerings from light everyday  to sticated scents for the evening., these fragrances have been designed for women with sensitivities to smell.

Lavender Farms
If you are a fan of the scent of lavender like I am you will find a wonderful selection of single note fragrance and some interesting blends. Very affordably priced!

Ayala Moriel Perfums

You can create a signature fragrance by using a fragrance questionnaire and consultation. A company concerned not only with creating a great product but also with issues of sustainability, fair trade, being cruelty free and more.

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