Sneaker Convention Hits Washington D.C.

Being a pretty big sneaker fan I feel as if I should have known about this sooner, but I didn’t. Unfortunately I missed the giant sneaker convention when it hit New York last weekend! It is now moving to D.C. and will hopefully get the kind of response they received in NYC. Imagine a line 4 city blocks long! Yeah… Sneaker Con came and went like a fashion hurricane! The first ever Sneaker Con to be outside of the Big Apple is expecting 1,000+ visitors to visit some 40+ vendors on site. Items to be showcase include exclusive collections, most sought after models, and one-of-the-kind custom works. Attendees are also welcome to trade, buy, even sell the very pairs they’re wearing. Let’s just hope they are wearing clean socks. So mark the date, April 2nd, the time, Noon to 7 pm.

If you missed the New York event like I did, here are some pics to check out. I must say that I didn’t know there were so many avid sneaker connoisseurs.

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