Sneaker Tips

As I was looking back on pervious posts I realized that I have posted a decent amount on sneakers. I do give some advice each time on how to pull off the sneaker look but I figured maybe I should go a little more in depth on the unspoken rules of sneakers.

1) Classic sneakers always work best. I usually have a few pairs of converse in different colors ranging from high top to low top. I do more of the high top in the winter and tuck my jeans into them like the hipsters (because anything styled correctly can look intentional and can exude “I did this on purpose” as they have taught me). In the summer I do a low top with shorts. They are breathable and light, and make any outfit look classic. The best part of converse is that they only cost around $40!!!

2) High Tops- When it comes to the uber flashy high top sneakers (Dior, D&G),  try to make the shoe the statement piece. The rest of the outfit can be a little more subdued, remember you can look fashionable with an understated outfit on and an over the top shoe.

3) Always wear socks but never let them show (unless you are going for a specific look, but that’s another article). I have tried to wear sneakers with no socks because I like the look so much and it just makes my shoes smell. So, go and buy footies and make sure that no one can tell u are wearing socks if that is what you are going for.

4) Please do not wear any running sneakers. Make sure your sneakers do not look like you are actually going to use them for their intended purpose (athletics). Keep your New Balance running shoes in your gym bag, they have no place in a trendy outfit.

I think this is enough for now, keep following to get more tips on how to wear your sneakers, being as though they are my favorite shoe, I will post again on this subject.

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