So, About this Kimye Baby Situation

kim and kanye baby

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With only a few hours away from entering into the New Year, there’s only one celebrity couple with enough limelight to make every one else’s New Years Eve celebration plans seem totally lame. Along with the rest of the twitterverse, we discovered today that Hollywood attention-whores Kanye West and his perfect b*tch (his words not ours) Kim Kardashian are expecting a bundle of paparazi joy.

The Kardashian klan tweeted away at the news, excited about the new addition to the empire which is their brand. It was only a matter of time and I’m sure astrologers and followers of the widely-popular couple predicted this when the news first broke that they were courting.

Officially, 2012 has been a year full celebrtity procreation including the birth of Baby Blue Ivy, the announcement of the new Kimye offspring and the recent news of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy.

Admit it. You care as much as we do. Now, we’ll wait to see which network picks up the Kimye pre and post-natal experience because you know that the cameras will be rolling.


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