Socks or No Socks?

This is an age old question that comes up often when weather gets warmer and shoes transition from high top to low. I personally have dealt with this issue often since I used to be a yoga instructor and dealing with bare feet was a pretty regular occurence in my life. I like the look of shoes with no socks in the wamer months but this can definitely be problematic as it tends to be humid where I am, and my feet can sweat a lot. Here are a couple of tricks I picked up along the way. You can buy small socks or footies and roll them down to where they are not visible. One of the simplest solutions is to buy baby powder or foot powder and sprinkle it in your shoe before wearing them. The only downside is that I wind up with powder everywhere, and spend too much time trying to rub the ash from my jeans or shoes.  I see the ladies wear the sheer stocking material “footies”, but I am not a fan because I believe nylon builds heat and makes my feet sweat more. If you have a problem with foot odor there are a couple of remedies you can try. Soaking your feet in green tea a few times a week can help- I don’t know the science behind it but I do know it works… Good old green tea is the answer to everything it seems (it also works for sweaty palms). You can also try drinking tomato juice every day for a week and see if this makes any difference. The best cure is to eat healthy. Cut out the processed foods and the spicy foods because when your body sweats it tries to purge the toxins and the more toxins- the more smelly (this is a tip of course that will help in many more ways than just smelly feet). The last tip I have is to wear quality material. Wearing nicer leather or just better quality materials in general is less irritating to the skin. Now you can be stylish, healthy, and smell good with your new boat shoes, and you won’t have to be afraid of taking off your socks when you go to yoga! Enjoy!

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