Soda The Skin Killer

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A soda a day can be a difficult habit to break. That ice cold, artificially flavored, sugar infested drink can be completely addictive and also the reason why your skin could be breaking out.

According to Ann Rosenstein, certified fitness professional and author of “Diet Myths Busted: Food Facts Not Nutrition Fiction”, the more refined sugars we eat the more advanced glycation end-products can damage our skin. In English this means that consuming too much of that white stuff can damage protein collagen and elastin contributing to pre-mature aging. Oh my!

Skin Cancer

The sun isn’t the only thing you have to worry about wrecking your skin or causing a case of skin cancer. A little unknown fact is that phosphates from soda have been identified as a leading culprit for increasing your risk of developing a serious skin cancer. Phosphates are also found in dairy, meat fish and bean products and essential to our nutrition but can be potentially fatal when we load up on too much of them.

Alternative Pairings

Board with water? Kick up your 8 recommended glasses per day by adding fruit for a tasteful antioxidant treat. Not only will you save calories but you’ll also protect your health.

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