Some Things to Remember Going into Spring

Although yesterday was freezing and I posted on how to tie a scarf as a reflex to the frigid temps, the truth is Monday is daylight savings tim,e and we will be setting the clocks forward once again. So, in preparation for Spring I would like to remind you of a couple of things to remember.

Spring is about color first and foremost! Bring out the greens and yellows, that (light) pink button up, put away all those dark winter clothes. You can also put away all of the heavy fabrics. Wools and knitted things have to go, and replace them with linen blazers, khakis, and cotton. Don’t be afraid to pull off floral, not too much, and be careful of not coming across as tacky, but please don’t be afraid to take the risk. Wear your summer duds layered because you probably won’t want to layer too much in the summer, as it will be too hot to be all fussy.  Mix and match- like camouflage shorts with a bright colored polo! This look takes a classic theme and puts an edge to it.

Spring is also a time to change your cologne to a scent that is more citrus based, or even a mens floral scent. Light blue is one of my favorites for this time of year. Another small  thing to remember is to go out and buy footies! I typically don’t even like to wear socks, but that can lead to smelly shoes so I try to just buy smaller sock. Take advice from women when it comes to socks, they are experts. Mandals (men’s sandals) are for a very specific look and can only be tastefully pulled off by few with very keen eyes for fashion. Please be careful if you are doing this and DO NOT wear them, or flip flops, with socks. I still don’t know why anyone would ever do this. It screams “I never left college”- better yet, “I still think I am on my high school basketball team!”  These are the essentials, so take them and run gentlemen, there is  a whole world of fashion to explore out there!

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