Space Age Design- Salvor Projects Store Opening

There is a lot of buzz around this new store opening in the Lower East Side of Manhattan called Salvor Project. It seems really interesting as the store is supposed to resemble the inside of a UFO, or just give the general allure of space age design. Ross Menuez was an award winning industrial designer that decided to move into fashion so his roots helped to create a really nice space, along with the help of designer and partner Nick Dine. Apparently, the two skipped the paint, bricks, and sheet rock and instead designed the interior of the store out of waxed fiberboard.  They wanted everything to look like it was carved out of one material. Looks pretty awesome!

Now to the clothes- it seems he has had a collection for a while but mainly sold them through other retailers like Barney’s. This will be the first time his unique collection will reside in the same space, so it will be a hodge-podge of all sort of interesting and unique items. Salvor does a lot of prints that are hand applied to all sorts of clothing, from women’s dresses to men’s shirts, and even large scarves which seem to be all the rage recently. These clothes are as uniquely designed as the store, so we can assume that this is the kind of place where you can go to find the perfect statement piece. So if you are ever in NYC make sure you stop by the shop and check it out, and for all that can’t, they will be selling online soon.

Salvor Projects opens today at 172 Forsyth St., NYC, www.salvorprojects.com.

Pictures courtesy of Style.com

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