Spanx To Release A Denim Jean

Take a deep breath. No seriously, take a deep breath. Women’s Wear Daily has revealed that the ultimate slim down brand Spanx would be launching denim jeans to join its thigh-sqelching denim leggings product. Before you either a) rush out to gather up a dozen pairs, or b) run screaming for “freedom”, you should know that the Spanx denim jeans will be a departure for the brand, as this particular product won’t rely on the compression.

“We’re known for making you look thinner and more toned,” the company’s founder, Sara Blakely, told the illustrious mag, ”but it can just be about a better cut and fit.”

The jeans are set to be priced at $148 a pair and will come in skinny, straight-leg and boot-cut silhouettes — all created from a cotton, polyester, and Lycra blend. Additional details about two of the cuts were also released, stating that The Signature cut is “a high, wide waistband with a side zipper designed for a smooth fit and a 10.5-inch rise,” while The Slim X cut is “a traditional five-pocket jean with a stomach-control panel and a 9.25-inch rise.”

Whether your in the love ‘em or leave ‘em camp, we’re betting you might be willing to try on a pair… just in case.

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