Sparkles! More Sparkles!

  • by Corrie Shenigo
  • posted at 5:33 pm
  • October 13, 2011

Sparkles, Sparkle… how you shine!

Revlon and Deborah Lippmann

The aquatic tone of Paris Fashion Week is pouring itself into cosmetics and joining another make-up craze, sparkles! Last week we covered Gucci Westman’s collaboration with Revlon, which included a plum-hued nail polish simply rife with sparkles and now their are two more releases to add to the glittery good list, this time in shades of blue.

Both Deborah Lippmann and Revlon’s rival blue nail polishes that are so similar in hue that they could go head-to-head. Unveiled at Lela Rose’s last Spring runway show, Lippman’s Across the Universe Nail Lacquer, and the brand spanking new Revlon’s Blue Mosaic Nail Enamel are simply rife with sparkles making this glittery-good trend the next big thing. Surely your fashion-forward mani-pedi’s will follow.

the smash-hit lacquer that debuted backstage at Lela Rose last Spring. But while the sapphire varnishes with different grades of blue and aqua glitter may seem like mirror images in their bottles, appearances can be deceiving. In the name of good journalism (and a particularly dull night of television programming), we pitted them against each other for a paint-off of epic proportions. May the best polish win.

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