Name to Know: Edmund Ooi

There are a ton of young designers out there, but it takes a lot of talent to get yourself recognized in the very selective fashion industry. I came across this 24 year old menswear designer on one of my favorite fashion sites this morning Dazed Digital. His name is Edmund Ooi and he is originally from Malaysia. He is only in his second year at the Antwerp Academy but is clearly talented enough to be able to fully skip school in my opinion. What’s most fascinating to me is the fact that he is taking men’s fashion (which I believe is greatly under represented in comparison to women’s) and making it as avant garde as womens. To me it looks like he (and every other contemporary designer) takes a lot of inspiration from the late Alexander Mcqueen. He also says that his mother was a tailor and that is where he received much of his inspiration.

The collection shown here has a Dominatrix Momma’s Boy concept… I think it’s riveting!!! check out what he has to say about it-

“The collection started from the idea of a mamma’s boy. The fact that he is always being bullied and teased by other boys in the school because of his sassiness.  It was based on the atmosphere of the mamma’s boy playing dress up in his mum’s closet to become a dominatrix woman, enabling him to dominate and punish the bad boys. In this collection I am playing a lot with the contrast of the classic mother image and the hardcore dominatrix elements.”

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