Spotlight on Y-3 by Adidas

As I was walking through SoHo the other day I was walking down a street I had never turned down before and ran into the Adidas Y-3 store. I had yet to experienc the line or the store in person, and I must say that I was greatly surprised and pleased to have found it. The store was amazingly designed, looking somewhat futuristic and very clean like one would expect from a Japanese designer. The clothes were all very interesting yet simple and clean. Not too fussy, not too bright, just enough to be fashion forward and trendy, but not give the impression of trying too hard. Most of their clothes are very sporty as it is by Adidas, but they are also pieces that you can throw on for a night out on the town. Again, one can definitely tell that there is a Japanese influence from the cuts and simplicity of the clothes that almost look like they would be used in a live action anime film. I downloaded the lookbook which you can also do on the website Here. The colors in this line are typically black and white which makes it easy to mix and match, and Y-3 will prove to be a good place to buy a few pieces to compliment other looks from your wardrobe. One of my favorite parts of the collection are the sneakers, be sure to check those out too!  In summary, I am glad I walked down that random street to find this hidden treasure of fun, simple, yet well designed clothes, and will be sure to make an appearance on a regular basis to see what the collection has to offer.

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