Spring Essentials Part 1

There are a few items that shouldn’t be over looked this Spring…


Shorts are undeniably fashionable, but choosing when to wear them is a tricky business. The more fashion-forward are embracing ‘city shorts’ but, if in doubt, save yours for a holiday. The desired shape is neat but not tight, and relatively short: knees should be on show at all times. Do go all out for the shorter shorts that have been on the runways!

Polo Shirts:

Currently, I  like a polo  cut neat around the body, and slightly tighter on the bicep, it is fairly flattering to most  body types. Wear them with chinos and a blazer for a relaxed working lunch, with jeans at the weekend, and with shorts on holiday.

Trench Coats:

Few are the places the weather can be relied on so completely that no thought need be given to rain protection. When you are travelling, though an umbrella is elegant, it is easier to pack a coat. What is key here is weight and portability, so something that can be stuffed into a briefcase is ideal. Also, trenches make for a very nice silhouette, and always make one look very stylish.

Swim Trunks:

Leave board shorts to the surfers, and trunks to the professional swimmers. Grown men need neither hide nor expose themselves. The two acceptable ends of the spectrum are brightly patterned shorts, cut loose enough to feel modest and falling about two-thirds of the way to the knee, and neat-fitting boxer shorts reminiscent of the 1950s.

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