Spring Essentials Part 2

More Spring Essentials…


The T-shirt has a place in every man’s wardrobe. ¬†Faded band T-shirts is for the young preferrably not after college . What replaces them is ideally a mix of simple white tees and some relaxed stripy ones. As ever, the fit is key, with too-tight no better than too-loose. I usually try somewhere like American Apparel or Banana Republic.


It is hard to imagine summer without chinos, which are invariably softer and more comfortable than jeans. The chinos of the early nineties were baggy, shapeless things, but they now come in shapes straight off the catwalks of Milan and Paris, which means they are close-fitting, ankle-grazing and tapered. They work well with a blazer, but come into their element worn casually with a polo shirt or an open-necked casual shirt.

Knitted Ties:

It has been said that wearing a knitted tie is the secret to eternal youth, and this claim is not entirely ludicrous. A knitted tie can bestow on its wearer a certain air of energy that a printed or woven tie will never convey. As far as ties go they are pretty informal, because they are usually narrow and cut straight along the bottom, and that is why they feel so right in the spring. So throw one of these puppies on and flex your fashion muscles for all to see.

Fun Wrist Gear:

One of my favorite up and coming trends is fun natural wrist gear. Recently I have noticed an increasing number of men (particularly Italians) wearing discreet, tasteful wrist adornments alongside their watches.  The right bracelet can work with a suit as it does with a casual outfit, and there need not be anything girly looking about it whatsoever. Opt for a clean, unfussy design and wear it with pride to add a subtle sartorial flair to your outfit.

Brown Loafers:

Brown shoes are more versatile and interesting than black shoes. Brown loafers are leather soled – go with everything except dark business suits, which means they go with everything in the spring wardrobe. Wear them with socks and a blue suit for work, or sockless with jeans or even shorts at the weekend.

Summer Hats:

A sun hat is not just a fashion accessory; it is also a skincare essential, being much the best way to protect the face from damaging sunrays. Panamas also keep you cool, because the air passes through the woven straw and, in moments of need, you can fan yourself with one. The width of brim should correspond with the size of your head. For most men a mid-size fedora balances style with utility, and can be worn with any summer outfit.

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