Spring’s New Hue: Nude Lipstick

We’ve all been busy painting our pouts in spring’s bold orange and red lipsticks, but while we were sleeping, another lipstick trend has snuck in the backdoor. A nude hued lip is making waves on a host of fashionable kissers, from celebrity—like Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba and Kate Winslet—to runway—Pucci, Cavali and Michael Kors—and it’s giving the brightly painted lip a run for its money.

Of course not every shade of barely there lipstick was created equal, particularly when it comes to choosing the right one for your skin tone. A too-dark nude will look more brown against a porcelain complexion, whereas a too light hue will leave you looking like a corpse. So instead of picking up whatever nude hue first catches you eye, here are some tips for choosing the perfect nude lipstick for your skin tone.

Alabaster skinned ladies like Christina Hendricks should opt for dusty baby pink versions of the trend, preferably in sheer formulas with a bit of shine, while fair skinned gals like Emma Stone can turn to rosy-beige hues to add warmth. Light skinned ladies with olive undertones like Kate Mara should also stick to warmer-tones with the option of veering towards a beige or pink palette with more opaque formulas which won’t cancel out their lips entirely. Olive skin with warmer undertones should look for nude lipsticks in caramel-tones, preferably in a shade that’s darker than the skin, while cool toned olive skin like Lea Michele’s can go darker or lighter without making the lips disappear. Mocha skin tones like Rihanna look best when they pair their nude lip with a glossy, gold-flecked formula, and gals with dark skin tones like Lupita N’yongo want to add definition to their nude hue with elements of bronze for warmth and definition.

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