Stella McCartney’s Anti-Leather Campaign

In collaboration with the ground shaking PETA organization, Stella McCartney has launched an anti-leather campaign prior to London’s fashion week. Her message to unsuspected attendees: Think twice before buying or wearing products made from animal skins.

Using a viral YouTube video to support her mission McCartney, who uses no animal products in any of her stellar designs, spoke with Vogue UK on the issue.

“As a designer, I like to work with fabrics that don’t bleed; that’s why I avoid all animal skins”, McCartney says in the video. “Please join me in exploring the huge variety of fashionable shoes, belts, purses and wallets that aren’t the product of a cow’s violent death.”

Are fashionistas willing to go 100% vegan for style? With the array of high quality fashion finds that don’t include leather, there may be some compromise (especially when the price is right).

We support you Stella in your campaign!

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