Storing Your Lacquer Collection

Now that we’re in 2012 it’s time to get real about your organizational skills. Start off the new year in style by organizing your favorite nail colors and holiday glitter with a few great solutions for a tidy and fabulous beauty closet.

Haute and Heavy

Nail polish should always be kept at room temperature and out of the sun! Don’t abuse your collection by ignoring the big no-nos. Grab a kitchen spice rack you can install into your bathroom cabinets and keep your polish safe and clutter-free.

Displayed Decadence

Treat your collection like a piece of art. It is art¬†after all…. Nail art that is! Use a ¬†nail polish rack like DI Professionals Nail Polish Rack and tack it on to your walls like the spa does. Color-code it for continuity and ease when you’re digging for a new look.

Cohesive Arrangements

Blend your lacquers with your everyday beauty items if you have a small collection. Let your polishes lounge with your lipsticks, brushes, shadows and pencils without having to create a space for them to stand alone. They’ll be out of the way and in good company!

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