StrangeBeautiful’s Black Reveal

  • by Corrie Shenigo
  • posted at 7:29 pm
  • January 6, 2012

While not full blown Goth – a black or dark hued nail has long been in the beauty air. Sporting everything from a business suit to full-on latex – a neatly shorn black fingertip manages to look both elegant and mysteriously sexy in one fashionable fell swoop. And for those of you who assumed that black nails were over-and-out due to the resurgence of neon Spring hues… take a gander at these.

StrangeBeautiful's Dickensian Volume

Spotted with a feature in the New York Time’s Style Mag, StrangeBeautiful‘s Dickensian Volume is a 10 pack set of “deceivingly dark and metallic shades” all in the key of the coolest Crayola, black. Inspired by Charles Dickens and the Brothers Grimm, beauty-entrepreneur Jane Schub created this line with the idea that the ultimate wearer would sport a different hue on each of her fingers. So if you’re hoping to mimic the look on the most recent runways of Chanel and Rag & Bone, or are looking to get the Lisbeth Sander look for the long-awaited Girl With The Dragon Tattoo premier – then count this polish set as your best bet.

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