Style Icon: Sidney Poitier

Today is the last day of Black History Month and we would like to end this month paying homage to another great black style icon, Sidney Poitier. He is a man that has been around in hollywood since the 40′s and has managed to remain a relevant figure of interest since. He was the first black person to receive an academy award in 1963, and has always presented himself as nothing less than a well groomed, charming, eloquent, and sophisticated gentleman. His parents were from the Bahamas and managed to spill into him that island charm and disarming presence. ¬†One will always feel a sense of style and class when witnessing Poitier, whether it be on film, television, or in an interview as he is always dressed well and brings an heir of confidence and swagger that few can match. Sidney Poitier is a style icon because his style goes beyond all things material and comes from a place much deeper and more resounding. He has been around through some of the roughest times in America to be a person of color in the media, and has managed to obtain the status of hollywood royalty with ease and grace.

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