Stylish Digs for Your New Ipad

For all of you fancy gentlemen that indulged the kid/tech geek inside and bought the Ipad 2, I thought I would post on how to make your Ipad look even cooler. The Ipad 2 just released a few days ago and has already exceeded sales expectations. IPads should definitely be encased. Why? Well there’s the $500 price tag for one but the most important reason might be so that other people don’t stare at you and think, Oh, there’s a guy with an iPad. Because you don’t really want to be that guy. But that guy with some sort of tablet in a stylish case could change the perception. So if you’ve just bought an iPad 2 or yuo own one of the first generation Ipads and would like to weigh your options, these are some of my favorites for the new tablet. And if you’re still searching, you might want to wait around until April, when you can expect new cases from other brands like Cole Haan, Burberry, Gear 4, InCase, Acme Made, Tumi, Simplism, XGearlive, and Belkin.

Brunello Cucinelli, $695

Proporta $47.95

Hard Graft, $76

Timbuk 2, $40

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