Stylish Patriotic Accents for Your Fourth

Fourth of July weekend is officially here and we are all searching for the perfect patriotic inspired outfit to wear, without looking like complete cornballs right?! I know I am! In my search I found two items that I absolutely love, that will help put your red, white, and blue outfit together.

The first item is really affordable too! The Selvedge NATO watch strap by DubStraps dor only $15 at www.dubstraps.com. This is a simple way to makeover a watch that you already have. The strap is red, white, and blue in a very understated, nautical, sort of way, and it’s really easy to change the band!

The other item is not as cheap but it is one of my favorite Summer shoes! The Red Fred Perry Striped Coxson Plimsoll Sneaker. These red & white shoes can easily go with just about anything in your Summer wardrobe. They are comfortable, casual, and dapper! You can find them at Urban Outfitters.

Weather you are going to a picnic with the family, or you have been invited to a yacht party (preferrably the latter), these item will have you looking appropriately dressed, sharp, and patriotic all at the same time. Happy Independence day!

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