Summer Mandals

Anytime mandals (man sandals) are brought up I am instantly wisked back back to being 3 again. I picture my mother putting little brown sandals on my feet and sending me outside to play. I remember they used to hurt my feet because they would rub and Iwasn’t very fond of them from that day on. That has been my only personal impression of mandals my entire life, so I never thought I would ever really think of wearing them again… until now. I went out for Easter yesterday and saw some good friends who are always a few steps ahead of the trend, and a couple of them were wearing some pretty amazing mandals. They made me evaluate my judgement on mandals because they looked much better than I thought they could . They gave them a very masculine, gladiator kind of feel, and if done correctly can make a very simple out fit very interesting. Judging from the runways, I honestly believe this trend will be back in full force very soon. Here are the 2 pairs my friends were wearing yesterday to give you some wearable options.

Christian Louboutin (also available in zebra)

Burberry Prorsum

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