Summer Suits

In response to all of the rain and humidity this week, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss suits for the Summer. Once upon a time in a past life I had to wear a suit everyday for the job that I had and I found it fairly miserable, but luckily I learned the ropes with Summer options, as NYC has some of the most humid Summers I have ever encountered.

When temperatures rise to a little past seventy, it is time to pack up those wool suits, throw them in your storage, and grab the lightweight materials. The most popular is probably khaki, which happens to be one of my favorites, but I sometimes have a difficult time finding them. Don’t limit yourself to one color though, because there are options that come in black, navy, plaid and white (if you have the audacity to wear a white suit- I say go for it!) Other materials to be aware of are searsucker (which I advise you do gray or a pale blue), whipcord (which is similar to courdoroy except not weirdly furry), and finally, linen. Linen is the lightest and probably the best option for a Summer suit, just make sure the fit is perfect! You should be prepared with these tools to face the Summer heat and still look great!

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