• by Corrie Shenigo
  • posted at 5:12 pm
  • May 16, 2011

New season = new you. Having recently pulled off the switch from a coffee-toned brunette to a summery blond, I can attest to what fun it is to switch up your hair color in time for the beachy season. Let your skin-tone be your guide (as always), and subtly highlight for that sun-kissed look or go bold with a major color change – it’s completely up to you!

One of our favorite fashion sites Refinery29.com took to salons for a few top colorists take on ways to play with the color spectrum, so with them as our guide, let’s go!

Nicole Richie

Beachy blonde: This summery blonde trend is alive and well according to Colorist Mike Petrizzi of De Berardinis Salon, but the emphasis is on the finish, “It’s a delicious mash up of a few previous trends, taking the best bits of each and mixing them together. This technique embodies a less-is-more approach to going blonde: Typically, most blondes get a gloss or toner at the end of the lightening process, but this season, it’s about bringing your blonde to the point of perfection and then not reaching for a toner. Instead, I opt for a purple-based color depositing shampoo (like Davines Alchemist Silver) to marry the watercolor smear of ombré with the precision of the classic foiling technique. The end result is a brilliant, organic feeling blonde.”

Carla Bruni

Deliciously Dark: If you’re still in a dramatic state of mind, going brunette or even black is a great way to completely change your look. Marie Robinson Salon’s owner (aptly named Marie Robinson) suggests caramel highlights to embellish a rich brown, but her advice for darker hues? Keep it a solid, one color shade. “I used to have black hair and I loved it in the summer. The contrast of summer white cottons and bright colors looks beautiful against ultra dark hair. And dark or black hair will look good on most skin tones during the summer, as long as you’re not too unnaturally tan!” Robinson also recommends avoiding direct sunlight, applying SPF, or wearing a hat when you’re basking in the summer sun to avoid oxidation. “Also use a leave-in conditioner when swimming to avoid brassy tones or dry damaged hair.”

Blake Lively

Red Carpet Red: If you’re ready to jump on the celeb bandwagon and go va-va-red, it’s really important to do your research – this is not a decision for the faint of heart. Colorist and owner of Rita Hazan Salon (Yep, you guessed it! Ms. Rita Hazan) has some simple summer advice, “Summer reds should go for a coppery, ginger shade. It’s not a dark look, it’s an orange-red with gold highlights, so it works with a lot of skin tones. The golden highlights will also help it grow out better, so you won’t need to as many touch ups. And make sure to keep hair hydrated—do a mask once or twice a week, and always apply a product with UV protection.”

Now, brunette’s get out there and see if blonds really do have more fun! And blond’s experiment with a sultry, sexy brunette or red! Don’t be shy! Switch it up a bit!

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