Summer Tips To Try: Undoing Melted Makeup

Summer’s official kick-off may have been overshadowed by the supermoon, but never-the-less — here comes the sun.  And along with it’s staple of summer jams, sandals and poolside BBQ’s, it’s also bringing a long list of warm-weather beauty bummers, like oily skin, melted makeup, and the dreaded sunburn.  We here at PoshBeauty.com aren’t about to let you go down like that.  So over the course of the next few weeks, we’re going to address some of the season’s top beauty bummers along with our favorite tricks to help you undo them.

SCENERIO: You decide work should be a literal walk in the park and arrive at your desk with your makeup a melted mess.

First, take some time to hide in your office and cool down.  Futzing with overheated, blotchy skin is only going to make things worse.  Once you’re body temperature feels less like you’re in a hot yoga class, pull our those blotting papers to absorb excess perspiration.  Do NOT reapply your foundation — that’ll just lead to more makeup to muck up.  Simply pick up damp beauty sponge and redistribute your fallen foundation using bouncy, tapping motions.  Gently wipe off any smeared eyeliner, mascara, or shadow with a cotton swab — waxy eyeliners or eye-shadow sticks are more durable in the heat — and dab on a light even cream blush or lip color.  Voila, your morning makeup efforts are no longer a victim to the sun.

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