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Covers: January 2013 Is A Dazzling Display

While you’re busy sneaking in that last minute X-mas shopping, the fashion world is once again a step ahead of the game. You’re prepping for Santa and they’re already well into the New Year’s celebrations with the magazine racks revealing a seriously snazzy array of January 2013 covers.

Celebrities dominate the mags, with Jessica Chastain continuing her reign as celebrity-du-jour, gracing a lion’s share of the glossies by scoring covers of GQ, Elle, Deutch Vogue, and, of course, the 4 art-inspired W covers that we fawned over previously. Pop stars Gwen Stephanie (Vogue and Marie Claire) and Kylie Minogue (Elle) are also on-hand, as are actresses Jessica Biel (Elle), Gwyneth Paltrow (InStyle), Anne Hathaway (Glamour), Sienna Miller (Harper’s Bazaar and Harper’s Bazaar UK), and Kate Bosworth (Harper’s Bazaar Australia.) And let’s not forget the supermodels — there’s Kate Upton (Vogue UK), Joan Smalls (Vogue Japan and Vogue Brash)  and Carolyn Murphy (Vogue Australia.) So yes, the 2013 covers are, in a word: dazzling. Take a look for yourself!



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Stella McCartney Throws A Garden Party Reveal For Her 2013 Resort Collection

Stella McCartney and Anne Hathaway

Stella McCartney recently unveiled a cheerful Resort 2013 collection in true resort style — a NYC-based, celebrity studded garden party with music, carnival games and summer cocktails at the Marble Cemetery in New York’s East Village. And while, yes… there were celebrities galore, think Anne Hathaway, Greta Gerwig and Amy Poehler… the real stars were worn by the models/partygoers who flitted about in McCartney’s latest and greatest collection.

If the goal, as the designer claims, was to unveil a “collection about having standout pieces,” she succeeded in spades. What could stand out more than a neon pink jacquard blazer, bright orange pants, McCartney said, “This collection was about having standout pieces,” and what could stand out more than a neon pink jacquard blazer paired with bright orange pants, bright yellow and white lace dresses, plaid jacket and pant suits, a flurry of florals, leopard jackets, a salmon strapless, and shoes and clutches adorned in holographic material? This collection is a party in and of itself.

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