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Getting to the bottom of dark under eye circles

Wanderlust is a many splendored thing — exotic locales, adventurous eating and collecting new passport stamps (sometimes it really is the little things) are tough to complain about. If I did, however, have to name one thing that traveling seems to exacerbate, it’s this: dark under eye circles. So let’s get to the root of the problem and see if we can’t undo this little beauty blunder.

The delicate skin around your peepers is the thinnest skin on your body and therefore is the most sensitive to every little change. Too little sleep? Your eyes will tell. Harsh swiping and pulling when removing or applying makeup? It’ll show. And sometimes, it’s not the things you do, but simply who you are. Genetics plays a big factor, particularly in dark under eye circles.

Often associated with being tired, dark under eye circles are particularly prevalent with certain ethnicities, but are also a common symptom of the unavoidable passage of time. As our skin ages the tiny blood vessels under the eyes becomes more visible, due to the inevitable volume loss in the area, exposing your orbital bone and creating that hollow “trough” look. Sun exposure and excessive rubbing can make matters worse, as will a lack of sleep which makes everyone look a little paler, thus highlighting the problem.

Hit those under eye circles with a one two punch by first, getting a good nights sleep, preferably with your head slightly elevated to help decrease the amount of fluid that naturally builds up in the blood vessels as we’re catching our zzz’s. Next, choose a concealer that’s a perfect match for your skin tone —NOT a few shades lighter, as you may have been told in the past. Mild circles are best covered with liquid formulas, while darker circles will require a heavier cream or cake concealer. Products that contain caffeine will help constrict blood vessels and temporarily boost circulation, and products with hyaluronic acid in them will plump the area, as will hydrating well with moisturizer and night creams (this will push the skin up and away from the blood vessels.) Remember to pat both concealer and cream when applying — dragging will only make matters worse and irritate the delicate area.



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