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Avoid Lipstick On Your Teeth

Last week Condoleezza Rice made news at the National Republican Convention for reasons she probably didn’t intend.  The former Secretary of State committed a big beauty faux-pas that got the Twitter-sphere tweeting: lipstick on her teeth (*Gasp!)

Admittedly not the worst of crimes, but still, nothing spoils the perfection of a pair of painted lips like breaking into a smile that reveals specks and smears of your lipstick.  We here at PoshBeauty.com aren’t about to let you go down like that — so here are a few tips to help you avoid this beauty faux-pas:

1. First things first, cracked lip-stained lips are nearly as bad as lipstick-stained teeth, and a good way to avoid them both is to apply lip balm before hand for a smooth application surface.

2. Once your canvas is primed, line your lips.  Use a nude shade of liner if your lipstick of choice is a neutral hue, or matching the liner to your color choice.

3. Filling in your lips with the same shade of lip liner, will provide a proper base for your lipstick to cling to — keeping it off your teeth. (P.S. Be sure to avoid the area on your mouth where your lip naturally meets the teeth.

4. It’s time to apply your lipstick.  Using a lip brush will help you control the application of the color.

5. One final assurance trick is to put your finger in your mouth and blot your lips around it.  This way any access color that could have ended up on your teeth, actually ends up on your finger — avoiding color on your teeth.



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