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M.A.C. meets Marge: The Simpson’s cosmetics line

A sky-high blue bouffant and a distinctly yellow pallor aren’t typically traits associated with the current standard of beauty. But in an homage to pop culture, M.A.C. cosmetics begs to differ — so much so that they’ve tapped Marge Simpson as the newest face to inspire their latest cosmetics line.

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of “The Simpsons,” M.A.C. has created a collection that includes cartoony eye shadows like “Lisa’s Spikes” and “Beehive Blue,” blush called “Sideshow You,” lip glass like “Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy,” Marge-size lashes and cartoon-inspired nail stickers.

The M.A.C. x The Simpson’s limited collection edition is on store shelves now, so if your tastes tend toward the pop cultural side — you might want to rush out and get this party started. Now.


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