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Today’s Tips: Banish Blackheads

There’s not a “it” handbag, shoe, or bauble in the world that can trump a glowing, clear complexion, so why do the skin gods vex us with the one issue that nearly everyone deals with: blackheads.

“They certainly are frustrating,” says Renee Rouleau, celebrity esthetician. “While there’s no miracle product that removes them from the skin, there are definitely things you can do to discourage their formation.”

Today’s tip is a universal step-by-step to help unclog your pores and maintain a flawless year round complexion.

Let’s start with extractions. You may have heard that old skincare adage, “never pick at your face,” and that’s mostly true. However, the blackheads that currently reside in your pores require one thing, and that’s removal. Having a professional facialist or dermatologist extract the offending item after a warm steam is preferable, but there are times when a DIY is essential. Unclog your own pores by first heating up your skin in a warm shower to “melt” the hardened oil clogging the pore to make extraction easier. Next apply a thin coat of the heaviest moisturizer you have on hand to seal the heat trapped in the skin. Cover the blackhead with plastic wrap and apply a warm damp towel to the area for five minutes, this will prepare the pore to easily release the clog. Finally, remove the plastic, wrap a tissue over each of your forefingers, and gently squeeze until the blackhead is removed. Relocating the position of your fingers and a final application of a cooling mask will help ease any red marks from the procedure. And then we’re onto prevention.

Help avoid these extraction procedures all together by regularly using gentle products that contain salicylic and glycolic acids, as well as all important antioxidants. These products can work to break down the oil in pores and prevent them from clogging in the first place, while glycolic acid specifically, can also help clear dead skin and debris on the surface to keep your complexion radiant and clear all year through.


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