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Tip Your Hat: Spring 2013′s Hottest Accessory

You’re probably knee-deep in the transition from winter boots and sweaters to warm-weather sandals and shorts, bringing to the forefront the importance of protecting yourself from the suns searing rays. Oh sure, you’ll slather on the sunscreen, and you’ll slide on those sexy shades, but we can think of something else you might don to keep you safe and chic this spring 2013 season: any number of the oh-so-stylish spring/summer hats making their appearance on store shelves. From the wide-brimmed sun-hat to the music-festival-must porkpie, a fashionable hat is in a heavy in the must have trend-setting accessories department.

Spring 2013′s most coveted headgear is anything but a one-size-fits-all affair, and with the vast array of styles available, there’s no need to choose just one, so here are a few tips on where to wear that trilby, boater and/or panama this season. It’s high time you got your seasonal headgear collection started — what are you waiting for?!

1. Vacation Station: Panama Hat

Panama Hat

2. Poolside Chic: Wide Brimmed Sun Hat

Wide-Brimmed Sun Hat

2. Music Festival Must Have: Porkpie

Porkpie Hat

4. Borrowed From The Boys: Trilby Hat

Trilby Hat

5. Va-Va Vintage: Cloche Hat

Cloche Hat


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