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Adidas Shower Shoe Hits Haute Couture

Just look at ‘em. Thick wonky plastic, nubby clear foot beads, a logo screaming out at the vamp—and yet it seems the Adidas’ shower slide has slogged its way out of the stall and some very fashionable lady feet.

Aitken Jolly

If you’ve spent any time on Instagram’s fashion feeds—and we know you have—then you’ll have seen the unmistakable black & white striped flops, ramping up to the Adidas shower shoe’s appearance in fashion editorials, including one shot by photog-phenom Aitken Jolly, and another in a recent presentation of luxury brand Noonoo, styled by Danielle Nachmani.

“I just thought the Adidas shower sandals really spoke to something that’s kind of l’air du temps,” designer Misha Nonoo said of the high-meets-low decision. “I really feel that this is something that’s going to make a big comeback. They’re so comfortable, so graphic, it really works. The linear lines on the sandals worked with everything else we’re doing in the collection which is also really linear.”

Nonoo Resort Collection

Trendy t-shirt line Deer Dana’s Dana Veraldi is also a big fan, calling the slides, “Sporty and comfortable, yet clean and sleek.”

“I like how easy they are to take on and off,” Veraldi said, and there’s really no arguing with that.

At $20 a pop, this trend is also one that won’t break the bank should the look prove to be a passing fad.
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