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Dita Von Teese Presents New Fragrance With Liberty Of London

We sometimes wonder if Liz Taylor knew she was starting something by plastering her iconic image on that series of mega-selling scents, because it seems the collaborating on a perfume is a huge marker in the celebrity climb up the red-carpeted ladder… but never mind. Today’s news is of yet another celeb climbing aboard the eau de cologne bandwagon. [Enter Ms. Dita Von Teese]

It seems the burlesque beauty is trying to hone in on the more glamourous side of her image, with a less “showgirly” and more sophisticated fragrance in partnership with Liberty of London. The scent, called Dita Von Teese (hmmm… did we turn out the creative light?), is less sexy cabaret and more femme fatale ala iconic actress Hedy Lamarr.

“The bottle of Dita Von Teese is something you find in a black satin handbag of sophisticated women.” Von Teese said of her latest reveal. “However the tassel and the small emblem, which is refined with a martini glass, feathers and a corset, speak in a subtle way to my Burlesque side.” (Subtle. Yes.)

We can officially mark this as a stepping stone toward’s Von Teese’s fashion world domination, joining her Von Follies lingerie line and her Christian Louboutin shoe. The obvious smell of sweet success.


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