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Natural Wonders: Essential oils to beautify and beyond

Organic, medicinal and great smelling? Essential oils are about to become your cosmetics case newest acquisition.

Oh, sure… a little essential oil smells great dabbed behind the ears, but did you know that these little elixirs provide a litany of other benefits that H. Gillerman Organic’s founder Hope Gillerman calls “very effective problem solvers.”

Most essential oils are high in antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, which is why you’ll find them in most green and homemade cleaning products, but the benefits go beyond your kitchen counter. Oils like lemon, eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree and rosemary are all great for getting rid of pesky grime and bacteria, a few drops of lavender, bay laurel or orange essential oil under your arms after a shower can act as a chemical free deodorant, and rubbing clove, cedar wood or lemongrass on your toes before a pedicure will help ease any nail salon foot basin worries.

And as good as they are tackling problems on the outer, essential oils are perfect for tackling problems of the inner.

Feeling foggy after the holiday weekend? A few whiffs of rosemary essential oil can help increase focus and concentration. Entice yourself into a joyful mood with peppermint or ylang-ylang. And smelling clary sage can help calm PMS symptoms. It’s also well known that lavender can help stimulate relaxation and calm anxiety, and one or two drops of lemon essential oil in water can help detox your liver and acts as a mild diuretic.

There are so many ways to beautify and heal with these sweet smelling little wonders, it’s a wonder you haven’t stocked up on them already!

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Essential Oils: An Eco-Cure For Soul And Skin

“All natural” is “all the rage” when it comes to cosmetics these days. Skincare brands are busy harvesting ingredients from their own organic farms to put the cool back in eco-conscious skincare and even color cosmetics, relying in large part to essential oils.

Essential oils, with their moisturizing properties and aromatic scents, are being touted by tastemakers like designer Donna Karan and Lucky’s Editor-In-Chief Eva Chen, who isn’t shy about shouting out organic brands like Olie Biologique, Elemental Herbology and H. Hillerman.

“Essential oils are very powerful substances extracted from plants that have been evolving for eons,” explains H.Gillerman founder and holistic healer Hope Gillerman. “You can use them to process what your mind and body are going through.” That includes calming anxiety, curing jet lag, soothing your skin, improving circulation, or strengthening both the memory and the immune system.

Look for scents like basil, tangerine, ylang ylang, and rosemary to stimulate energy, increase vitality, and soothe chronic fatigue, as well as carrot seed essential oil, which when applied topically is anti-aging and balances both dry and oily complexions.

Applied topically or inhaled for their aromatherapeutic benefits, essential oils are not only a perfect gift, but also a great way to calm yourself through the hectic holiday season.

Going green has never smelled so sweet — or felt so good.


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