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Halle Berry Debuts Cover

coty beauty closer by halle berry

As if Halle Berry weren’t already a beauty icon who has blessed us with her several dynamic fragrances in the past (we know you got at least one as a Christmas gift from your auntie or cousin at some point in time) and sex-kitten personality that makes us crave her appeal towards men, the actress and mother has launched a global fragrance called Closer that battles the senses as well as the sexes.

“I wanted to create a unique fragrance for women that would also appeal to men,” said Halle Berry in a press release. “Scent is very closely linked with desire and attraction and I love the idea that a fragrance can bring a man and a woman together. Closer creates a new level of intimacy through the power of scent.”

The scent marries masculine notes with a feminine blend of violet flowers and mimosa in a rich, woodsy accord that both men and women will adore.

The fragrance is set to release later this month but in the interim check out the Closer music video on YouTube.

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