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Summertime Style: Manage your mane

The dog days of summer are here and by gosh, it’s hot. HOT. H-O-T. The last thing on your mind is likely your sad melted hair-do, but what’s a style-savvy gal to do? Here are a few tips to create sexy summer hair that won’t turn into a frizzled rats nest the second it hits the great outdoors. It sounds counter productive, but the number one way to combat your unruly locks is to style it — we don’t mean a full blow-out, so calm down and keep reading.

A simple of-the-moment way to combat over heated hair is braids. They look great, and whether they’re loose and messy, or taut and haute, you’ll still managed to look pulled together. Simply spray on a leave in conditioner or detangling spray and then separate your hair into as many sections as you want braids. Experiment with multiples  — one down the top of your hair and two down the sides — or singles — wrap it around your head for a red carpet ready look. The sky’s the limit and braids will do double duty taming your wild tresses and still being on trend.

Another big trend for summer ’14 is a head scarf or headband. A headband is a great way to keep any flyaway frizz off of your face and will help you pull off a classic, clean look whether you pull the rest back into a low bun or leave it fly free. While a head scarf wrapped around your head — from the nape of the neck to the front — and tied in a knot is the perfectly glamorous accessory for a tousled up-do or ponytail.


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Tips for busting flattened summer bangs

It’s getting warm and there’s nothing less appealing (or less comfortable) than a hot sweaty forehead full of swampy, frizzled bangs — am I right? Of course I am. So let’s review a few quick and dirty DIY’s to keep your bangs cooperating, even on the hottest summer days.

A good word to let roll off your tongue is: accessories. You know, those versatile little hair do-dads that help sweep your fringe off your forehead in fabulous fashion. A colored barrette or hair pin is a great way to keep your bangs outta-ya-face, but this season there are other of-the-moment options. A pretty printed headband or even the ultra-trendy turban is a great way to pull back bangs without sacrificing style.

Styling your hair with an extreme side part is another bang-up (*sorry) way to get your bangs off of your forehead. Simply blow dry an extreme side part into place then use a curling iron to blend the short bang pieces into the longer side part pieces. You can also style your bangs off of your face by braiding them or rolling them into longer pieces of hair — great ideas for camouflaging for your fringe.

For the ultra-urban wet look, blend your bangs into a slicked back hairstyle by running a heavy hold gel into your hair with your fingers, or for longer side bangs, sculpt them back with a good pomade.

Why spend another summer of sweaty, flattened, or frizzy bangs? Try these simple tricks and keep your fringe fashionable and off of your forehead.




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